Byline Issue 04
Byline’s first print issue in collaboration with Urban Outfitters and Dickies.

Printed by Linco
60 pages
6 Different covers
Print run 6,000

Gutes Guterman + Megan O Sullivan

Photographers + Artists

Alexandra Isabella, Anna Koblish, Charles Desmarais, Chuck Grant, Eric Helgas, Fenn Paider, Jack Orton, Kimberly Elliot, Lauren Daccache, Leia Jospe, Maddy Rotman, Marcus Maddox, Matthew Matete, Morganne Boulden, Robert Blair, Sabrina Santiago, Saehan Parc, Shindelverse, and Tom Guilmard

Contributing Writers

Alana Cloud Robinson, Ali Royals, Allie Rowbottom, Annie Armstrong, Annie Hamilton, Chloe Williams, Chris Black, Clara Perlmutter, Cole Habersham, Cora Lee, Eileen Isagon Skyers, Emilia Petrarca, Henry Jones, Jade Gomez, Linnie Greene, Michael Cuby, Molly Soda, Nicolaia Rips, Ruby Thelot, Sarah Beauchamp, Shanna McGuire, Taylor Lorenz, Tiana Randall and Tyler McCall